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We reserve puppies with a $300 non-refundable down payment (unless we cannot fulfill your request). We put your name down in the order in which we receive down payments. You can put a deposit down on our General List, and/or
Pick-of-the-litter List. If you have had your deposit in for 6 months or more, and in that timeframe, I have had to raise my pricing, you may be subject to the increased price. If you have been offered a puppy and have declined a puppy for personal reasons, but want to stay on the waiting list, you may have to pay the increased price of the puppy. For further details please read through our
Deposit Process.

We are required by the State to charge sales tax on all puppy sales. Your deposit does go towards the purchase of the puppy. 

For your information...When your name comes up next on the waiting list, I will contact you. This is to assign your name to a litter, you will not know at this time which puppy you get out of that litter, just which litter. We have you pick-out your puppy at 6-weeks of age.

Once we start assigning litter, we try to get the puppies assigned to their new homes as quickly as possible as we know those on the waitlist are excited to know when they are getting a puppy. I will call you and if I don’t reach you, I will leave a voicemail, along with following up with an email. If you do not contact me within 24 hours after receiving my call/email, I will have to pass on your name and go to the next person on the list. I hope you understand but, in the past, I have waited days for people to get back to me and this just prolongs being able to get all the puppies assigned to their new homes in a timely manner.

Keep an eye on my website, as I post all the upcoming litters, their approximate due date and approximate go home date. Once the litter is born, I post the information on the exact go home dates and number of puppies in that litter. If
you know you will be unreachable during the weeks after you see that puppies are going to be born, due to i.e., vacation or other reasons, please contact me so we can discuss communication options, we don’t want you to get missed.

We do our best to update the website with the newborn puppy pictures. Once the puppies are one-week old we update their pictures on the website under "Puppies for Sale". We update each week until they are 5 or 6 weeks old and then we no longer update pictures. We try our best to have these posted each week by Friday, but this is our least important task, as taking care of our dogs/puppies is our top priority. Please do not call asking for more photos of your
puppy, as this takes a lot of time, and we cannot spend all our time taking care of photo requests.

When you have an appointment, whether that is a kennel visit, picking out your puppy or picking your puppy up PLEASE be on time. Our time and our customers’ time is very valuable to us, so if you are going to be late, please notify
us. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you may have to wait for us to finish those that are on time and/or we have the right to cancel your appointment.
Thank you!


We accept personal checks as a form of deposit and full payment; however, we do not accept checks on the day of pick-up. Only Cash, Cashier's Check or Venmo is accepted on the day of pick-up. If you are using a personal check, you must allow 10 business days prior to picking up your puppy.


When visiting us you can meet all our dogs and puppies in person. We do allow visitors by appointment only. As we value your time, we hope you value ours. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, please contact us and let us know, to ensure your arrive time will still work. We DO NOT allow visitors to bring their pets to Fieldstone Kennels to reduce the possibility of disease, infection, viruses, and parasites. WE DO NOT REQUIRE MASKS!

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