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The following are Training Packages that are offered by Fieldstone Kennels. 

Each package can be motified to meet your specfic needs.

Please print and fill out the following training questionnaire form to help us better

understand your puppy/dog training needs. 

You can email the form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Basic Obedience

(4 months +)

A great class that teaches your dog the fundamentals of obedience and behavioral skills.

- On leash training

- Sit, Stay, Down & Come

- Recalls

- Heeling

- Manners

- Behavior correction and problem solving

This service is a 3 to 4 weeks training in my care.

Advanced Obedience

(6 months +)

This class follows the basic obedience class and then moves into a more advance training.

- Off leash training

- Hand signals

- In-house training

- Manners

- Behavior correction and problem solving

This service is a 5 to 6 weeks training in my care.

One-on-One Training

This is a one hour per week class that teaches the basic fundamentals of obedience, like stated in the above classes,
along with, any other problem areas or concerns of the owner. This is a 6-week class between trainer and owner.
 In-Home Training Visits

This is a hourly rate were the trainer comes to your home and works

with you and your dog/puppy in specified problem areas.


The following can be added to any of the above packages:

Door Manners

Food Manners

Behavioral Corrections  

       Before training can begin, we must see proof that your puppy’s/dog’s vaccinations
are current and must have the following: 

                                                 a. Distemper Vaccine (including leptospirosis)
 b. Parvovirus Vaccine
c. Bordetella Vaccine
                                                d. Rabies (if age appropriate – over 16 weeks)

                                                                            e. If over the age of 6 months old and not spayed or neutered
                                                      a negative Brucellosis test must be provided.


If interested in any of training packages please give Rachel a call