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We had such a positive experience with Fieldstone!
Tammy was an excellent communicator and was very organized.
Our sweet Sully (Coco and Shadow litter) has been the
perfect addition to our family. He’s been such a wonderful puppy to train.
We could absolutely tell that Sully had been well socialized.
He immediately loved upon our toddler, and it was very evident he had been comfortably around children!
We are so happy with him and would definitely recommend Fieldstone!


Pristine experience with Fieldstone Kennels 
We are truly in love with our sweet little “coffee bean” puppy named Zelda.
She is settling right in at home and I can tell she’s going to be an excellent dog.
Oh and puppy kisses are the best !

ZeldaZelda 1

We are so happy with our boy Chip! (Echo and Shadow litter)
Chip has the typical English lab look with his beefy physique and big blocky head.
He has adapted well in all situations; we couldn’t ask for a better temperament.
Chip has been a wonderful happy calm puppy!

Tammy did a wonderful job describing Shadow and Echo’s
personalities and we love how they’ve developed in Chip.

ChipChip 1

Dave and Tammy were a joy to work with in our search for our new puppy.
They breed absolutely top notch dogs. The adults are the very definition of the English Labrador.
Our puppy Henry, at 10 weeks, is already the smartest dog we have ever known.
He is already sitting on command and goingto the door to go outside. He is beautiful, loving and smart.
We highly recommend Fieldstone Kennels and will come back to them in the future!
Thank you Tammy and Dave!

HenryHenry 1

Zeke is from Molly x Ari's September 2019 litter,
and this is him at 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months old.
He has the most wonderful disposition and the most beautiful coat.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tammy through
picking him out, bringing him home and staying in contact with her as he grows!
Who knows maybe a sister for Zeke is in the future!


Just thought I'd message you guys an update! This is Kezzy - from Jenny and Tears Feb '19 litter.
She has turned into a pretty fantastic hunting dog.
She's steady, has energy for days, is incredibly smart and could not be more snuggly at home.
She's a lover and the best duck hunting partner I could have asked for.

KezzyKezzy 1

I wanted to send you a update on Bear (Ari & Perlas litter) He will be one June 1st! He is the best dog. His build and coat are a dream. He weighs 90 pounds and his fur is still so soft. He is a huge protector of our daughter (she is 4) he is attached to her hip. He loves to hike, swim in the glaciers, or cuddle with the kids. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family. He greets everyone with his tail wagging! His temperament is wonderful and he is so smart.  

We just wanted to say thank you. 

BearBear 2

We have known for years that we wanted to get a chocolate lab and with much research, we decided to get a lab from Fieldstone Kennels. We picked up Bailey last April and she has been a joy in our lives since day one. Bailey is very happy, healthy, smart, and extremely spoiled. We know that we will be getting our next puppy from Fieldstone Kennels and we recommend anyone looking for a dog to consider Fieldstone Kennels as well! 

Bailey Connor G. Bailey 2 Connor G.

(Lexi & Jack) 

Bailey Justin N

Hi Tammy, 

Just wanted to share a picture of Bailey. This picture was published in the Nov 1st issue of Outdoor News!! 


(Jenny/Jack Litter)

Jake Kevin Braiedy

Jake is approximately 11 months old and is a waterfowl and grouse hunting big machine.

He is wonderful with the kids too and they live him more than life itself.

Thanks again for the phenomenal dog!!!!

(Jenny/Ricochet Litter)

Hello Fieldstone Kennels,

 Derek and I thought we should share photos with you of Mavrick! Mavrick was out of Lexi's and Ari's first liter.

He is one extremely smart boy, extremely friendly and healthy! He will be 7 months old on September 5th!!

He is a very good boy and is so loved. 

MaverickMaverick 1


Stacy Wise Mack

I just wanted to send you a quick Mack update (Ari x Molly's 9/3/18 litter). He has been an absolute delight!

He's been a breeze to train, full of personality and is an amazing conpanion. In May, Mack passed the CGC test and earlier this month achieved his Novice Trick Dog title now making him Fieldstone's Raining Mack-A-Roni CGC TKN.

Stacy W



Jaidee at 8 Months

She is so smart - just finished intermediate obedience. She has such

natural instincts and a good nose for pheasant hunting, and loves to retrieve.

Thank you - Vicki


15648 002

I wanted to share the feedback from our trainer about Rucker and a new picture.

                                                                                                                             - Rodney

If you guys keep in touch with your breeder, please tell them I can tell how much

work they have put into their program and how lovely Rucker is to work with - he is an excellent student!  

(Truffles/Ari Litter)





 I am so happy with my new pup Gunner! I had the pleasure of going to Fieldstone Kennels to pick him up and was impressed with how clean the kennel was and how happy all the adult dogs and puppies were. Tammy really cares for each puppy and you can tell they love her. I will definitely be getting another puppy from them. Gunner has a great temperament and is so smart. My friends have puppies and he is well behaved and easier to train compared to the other pups.

Thank you for breeding such a great dog!!!!

Gunner 1                       Gunner 2                   Gunner 3 

Norman has already started to come to school as he will be getting trained in therapy to help kids with special needs and mental health illness. Norman's temperament and demeanor are incredible for only being 4 months old! He is calm, obedient, sociable, and friendly to everyone he meets. He loves to be pet by the middle schoolers he is working with. He has brought so much joy to his owners and the students at school. - Matt D. (KayDee Litter)

Norman 2 Matt D


                                 Norman 3 Matt DNorman Matt D


Jim H

         Lucy is doing great. A big sweetheart and the star pupil in her puppy class! We could not be happier to have her as part of our family! - Jim


Mike Starr







     Lakota is doing amazing 7 months old and she's already retrieving ducks and geese.

           - Mike 















I thought you'd like to see some pictures of Orzo in his new home. He is adjusting so well, and is really nailing puppy training! Such a smart boy. He also has such a sweet temperament meeting new people and encountering new things. 

- Fiona & Justin

Fiona Justin Reid      Fiona Reed

 It has been three months since we picked-up Kaya from your kennel and I wanted to send you an update.

She is five months - so she of course: chews everything, loves socks & rocks, jumps up and doesnt always listen. But...she is the best puppy I have ever had or have been around. Mellow & happy disposition.

She is:

-the sweetest pup with the absolute best disposition -highly intelligent, but very stubborn -flexes with the mood, except for when the crazy puppy runs kick in -softest, most amazing physique -a pup that will turn into the best companion. - Amber

Amber Campbell

Thank you Josh for sharing your pictures; we love seeing all the special moments that Fieldstone Labs bring each family.

     ~ Goose hunting at 6 months old


 Good morning!

We want to share with you what a wonderful dog Emma is.  We just had her at Prairie Peak Kennels for three weeks of obedience / intro to hunting training.  When we picked her up, the trainer commented about what a wonderful lab she is and how hard it can be to find a really good lab.  He said her parents must have great traits because Emma's personality and instincts for water /retrieving are so great.

If you find their Facebook page, there is a video (and some pictures) of Emma water retrieving a full mallard (July 5).  Pretty amazing.  We are looking forward to hunting with her.

Thank you again for a fantastic addition to our family.

Dan & Stacey

 IMG 7098IMG 7146

Dennis lives in Minnesota and is deeply loved by his family! Some pictures they have shared with us...


Miley 2Mille


Mille is growing so fast and such a good girl! She's super athletic and such a quick learner! She loves the water....coming from "non-duck hunters" she is so agile in the water that we are taking up duck hunting! So thankful for good quality breeders like you guys!

The Boswell's





Riley and her first Pheasant hunt.  She is doing very good figuring out hunting and has great instincts. 

She flushed multiple pheasants and retrieved them as well. - Greg

cid 5998890A168E4A3E90CF19ED9F4141F2MolletHP

 I just love that pup! We went out for a longer walk last night and she did great and was very calm and polite with friends we ran into. Annie is doing great and growing like a weed. She had a busy weekend and had many people commenting on how sweet and beautiful she was. I have been working on commands and walking on a leash and she is learning so fast! I couldn't be more pleased with her. Thank you again for raising beautiful puppies.


 I wanted to send you an update on Sweet Birdie Blu a/k/a Abby from Ari and Reba September 20, 2017 litter. She is doing fantastic and we could not love her more!

She is in week 5 of her puppy school and excels at sit, stay, here and done! She loves to please and wiggles her big tail and booty all over in excitement. I sometimes call her my Big Brown Beautiful Baby Birdie Blu. It really rolls off the tongue when you say it enough. 

 She has done very well at potty and kennel training. We are still working on not jumping when she gets excited to see people and staying off of the furniture. I love her personality and she is a favorite for clients to see when they stop in the office.


Thanks again for such a wonderful pup!


Sam Sweet