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Common Questions on Chocolate Labradors

Is Chocolate a AKC Color with Labs?

The American Kennel Club standards for the breed allow three colors: black, chocolate and yellow. Black Labs are usually a solid black while Chocolate Labs can range from light to dark chocolate. Yellow Labs range from fox-red to ivory. Yellow Lab coats also might appear golden, causing them to become confused with the golden retriever. Black and Chocolate labs can have a white spot on their chest, which is acceptable to AKC. 

Is the Chocolate Lab Temperament /Intelligence different because of the chocolate color gene?

Many believe that chocolate-colored Labradors are less intelligent and more hyper. However, this is not true and arises from many assumptions, but mainly that breeders only bred for the chocolate color and disregarded any other traits such as intellect as a breeding priority, along with other genetic testing. Labradors, regardless of coat color, are highly intelligent, easy to train and eager to please you. Labradors are even-tempered and laid back. The truth is that the color of a Lab’s coat has no more bearing on his or her temperament than a person’s hair color has on his or her intelligence.

What is the difference between English Lab vs. American Lab?

There is no official distinction between these two dogs. There is only one Labrador Retriever breed. Labs from both lines still possess the qualities of a great companion and both lines can be great hunters. You will see many names associated with both the English and American Lab.

English Lab can be referred to as: English/British/Show Lab

American Lab can be referred to as: American/Field/Working Lab

Both the English and the American type labs are lovable and intelligent. But there are some differences in appearance, size, temperament, and energy levels.

The English Lab stands slightly smaller, measuring between 21.5 to 22.5 inches, they are heavier, with a blockier build, shorter nose and blocky head, thick otter tail with a thicker coat of hair with shorter legs and body. The have a more powerful appearance.

The American Lab stands from 21.5 to 24.5 inches, but with a slimmer, more athletic physique and finer bone structure. Their nose is longer, and head is narrower. Their neck is longer and thinner, as their tail and their coat is thinner. Legs are also longer, giving them a more agile appearance.

Remember that both strains are Labradors and either of these dogs will be loving, friendly, intelligent, dependable, and outgoing, with a strong desire to please you.

However, as with appearance, there are some differences between American and English Labs when it comes to temperament.

You should expect the American Lab to be more active. People usually bred these dogs for hunting and field trials.

English Labs are typically more laid back with a calmer temperament but that does not mean the English lab is lazy by any means.

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