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Fieldstone's Onyx Dochee

Onxy Website Photo 2Onxy Website Photo 3

Onxy is a black female with a predominantly chocolate pedigree and a more slender build. Onxy has a great drive for retrieving and an eagerness to please you. She has great confidence, very intelligent and catches on quickly.

Onxy weighs approximately 60 pounds

              Fieldstone's Kahlula LiL Jenny

         Jennyjenny 2

Jenny has a lot of drive and confidence.

We really like her conformation with those broad shoulders and great muscles tone.

Jenny weighs around 65 pounds.


This girl carries 100% English Characteristics and has incredible drive in the field.

Everywhere Daisy goes; her nose is to the ground in search of new things.

She is first to compete with the other labs for water retrieval victory.

Daisy has great kennel manners and is willing to work for you and eager to learn.

On top of all that, she is absolutely beautiful!

Daisy weighs 70 pounds



Reba has the most personality of all our girls.

Her social skills with the rest of the group are truly entertaining.

She is very athletic with a loving soul.

Her favorite past time, is hunting frogs around the edge of our pond.

Reba weighs approximately 70 pounds.


      Rico  Rico 4              

We are very excited to have Richochet's genetics in our breeding program.

Rico has incredible conformation and comes from a

 rock bottom foundation of his breed. He has an amazing drive for retrieving and 

a very muscular and stocky build. Both of his parents have international awards.

Rico weighs 80 pounds



         Brandi Website PhotoBrandi Website Photo 2     

Brandi gets along with everyone, dog or human,

as long as you are willing to give her love and attention.

Her broad shoulders and blocky head definitely catch your eye.

Brandi weighs approximatley 80 pounds.