Fieldstone Kennels - Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale


Fieldstone's Miracle of Noel

 Liberty 1Liberty 3  

Liberty is the daughter of Reba & Ari

A lot like her mother in both looks and personality

Liberty also has her mother’s confidence, athleticism, and drive, but yet her father’s caring heart.

Liberty weighs around 65 pounds.


Fieldstone's Princess Lil


Lilly is the daughter of Jenny & Richochet

Just like her mother Lilly has a lot of drive and confidence.

Lilly has her father’s looks with her blocky head and stocky build.

Lilly’s motivation is to please you, which makes her a great companion.

Lilly weighs around 65 pounds.

Fieldstone's Mercy of Grace

mercy 2

Mercy is the daughter of Brandi & Ari

Mercy has a very sweet temperament.

She comes with a mixture of both playful and soft.

Mercy is beautiful with her daddies’ eyes and her big

blocky head she gets from both parents.

Mercy weighs around 65 pounds.

Fieldstone's Kay Willow


Willow is the daughter of KayDee and Ari

Willow has the heart and kindness of her father and the looks of her mother.

Willow is blessed with the best traits of both parents.

She loves to retrieve and work for you and like her father, wants to love you.

Willow weighs around 65 pounds.


Fieldstone's Gypsy Rain

gypsy 2

Gypsy is the daughter of Ari and Onyx

Gypsy, like her mother, has an eagerness to please and love you. She is gentle as can be and loves to play. Gypsy is very softhearted and loving female.

Gypsy weighs around 65 pounds.


Fieldstone's Jazzi

Jazzi 3

Jazzi is highly intelligent with great communication skills.

She is has the perfect personality to relate with a human beings.

Jazzi has an outgoing temperament along with being independent.

You can’t help but love her especially with her strong English traits.

Jazzi weighs around 65 pounds.


Fieldstone's Emerald Ellie                      

Ellie 2    Ellie 3      

Ellie is the daughter of Ari and Truffles

Ellie has an awesome calm temperament.

Ellie is a larger female with incredible drive to retrieve and hunt.

Ellie is great with children and is the perfect companion for a hunter or family.

Ellie weighs around 80 pounds.

Fieldstone's Teagen Rose

teagen 2

Teagen is the daughter of Ari and Daisy

Teagen looks a lot like her mother Daisy and has the temperament of both.

Teagen loves to be by your side and

she enjoys children with her playfulness and compassion.

Teagen weighs around 65 pounds.


Fieldstone's Remy Rae

                                  DSC 0045DSC 0036

Remy is the daughter of Ari and Truffles

Remy has a great retrieving drive and with her calm temperament,

she makes one well-rounded companion.  

You get the best of both worlds with Remy

Remy weighs around 60 pounds.


Fieldstone's Lexi Lee

 Lexi 5Lexi 6  

Lexi is the daughter of KayDee and Kody. The pedigree of both her parents are incredible in many ways.

Lexi’s happiness comes from knowing she has done what you have asked her to do.

She is fun, loving and intelligent!  

Lexi weighs approximately 65 pounds


Fieldstone's Rockin M Miss Molly

           Molly Dam Pic    Molly 3


Molly is a large framed female with a heart of gold. She has a beautiful shine to her coat and a very loving personality; her favorite place is as close to you as possible.

Molly weighs approximately 80 pounds


Fieldstone's Perla Labomanija

dsc 1316 Perla 4   

We are so pleased to have the opportunity to bring this girls

foundation breeding into our program.

Perla was imported from Serbia and her pedigree is nothing but outstanding.

Not only does she have the English foundation to speak to, her temperament and looks are to die for!

Perla weighs 65 pounds.


Fieldstone's Smallpaws Truffles

     Truffles 3      Truffles 5                                                                    

           Truffles is one of those labs that wants so bad to be tough

and let you know someone is at your home, but she is wagging her

tail in anticipation that this stranger will pet her.

Truffles weighs approximately 70 pounds.